Finding the perfect newtab extension

AuthorLoke Carlsson
Time3 min read

The hunt for the perfect newtab extension in Chrome

Ever since I was a kid surfing on Internet Explorer and using a webpage similar or might have actually been as my homepage that would open each time I would open a new tab in the browser, I have always thought that newtab page is the perfect place to have a collection of information and tools. For example, a weather widget, a todo app or perhaps notes to quickly write down some thoughts. The biggest problem with using a webpage as your newtab page is performance, since it needs to load a whole webpage (that would probably not be heavily cached) each time you open a new tab. The best way to solve this is to use a newtab page extension that is loaded locally only, and preferably cache all the resources and API calls.

Now days, using Chrome as my primary browser I have been on the hunt for the perfect extension that would solve this issue for me. After testing many different ones out there I found most of them was simply too bloated; they were slow to load, had too much stuff on the page or was not good enough for me. One extension I used for quite a while was iChrome, while it was slow and bloated it did have everything, but in the end, it didn't cut it for me.

This was the point where I decided to try create an extension myself. I think I had a too big vision for this project for this not to fail. I created an extension with Vue.js and wanted to build a modular newtab page where you could resize and move around widgets. This was a big problem with the technology available today and decided to cut down on the functionality and create a static page with some functionality i felt was needed.

After ditching the modularity and dynamic widgets from the project I started working on an extension which would suit my needs and nothing more. Just after I had implemented bookmarks and some other functionality I discovered what I believe to be the perfect newtab page which I am currently using.

Infinity New Tab is the perfect extension which suits my needs and even more. Some of the key points which made it the perfect fit for me includes but not limited to the following:

Super clean interface

With an beautifully clean newtab page, this is my current setup with some mixed shortcuts to my favorite websites. Simply, it is your shortcuts and one small clean button to the top right corner. Nothing more! At least with my setup, from the start you'll get a search bar as well.

Great applications

There are a few great applications which are opened as a sidebar for quick access include weather, bookmarks, todo, notes and history. These are a great addition to having normal shortcuts to websites, and doesn't clutter the page much which widgets does.

Awesome settings and customization

The settings are really nice, you can customize pretty much everything you need.

Instant load

Compared to iChrome which is very sluggish this extension loads instantly which is critical for me.

Bonus points

There are even a community driven searchable collection of already made website shortcuts. Of course it is simple to create a shortcut on your own but when someone else already did, its super quick and easy to add new ones, cool bonus feature.

Infinity New Tab has a great backup and synchronization which allows you to use this extension across multiple devices seamlessly.

If your not sold on this extension already go read more here!