AuthorLoke Carlsson
Time1 min read

Slothmode is the perfect Spotify playlist that will put you into a cosmic sloth mode!

Psychill, psybient, cosmic chill, spiritual downtempo, progressive minimal instrumental...

There are a lot of words that can try to describe this collection of wonder, but the only fair thing is for you to give it a real good listen and experience it for yourself.

The Swedish band Carbon Based Lifeforms is the foundation for this playlist and is what would eventually turn into Slothmode. It was always CBL that has been a reference point when deciding on what music to add or not. I wanted to have very minimum to none vocals in this playlist to make it a good choice when it was time to focus on for example programming. The major exception to the vocal rule is the band Younger Brother that I feel uses vocals without disturbing the focus. Additionally I like how Younger Brother is introducing a little different touch to this playlist which is quite downtemp normally.

These are some of the bands that defines what makes this playlist Slothmode:

- Carbon based Lifeforms

- Younger Brother


- Solar Fields

- Sync24

- Cell


- H.U.V.A. Network

Currently consists of 265 songs that make up this 33 hour long playlist.

If you have some great tips for additions to this playlist, don't hesitate to send them to me so that I can add them.